Airpulse PK2 Custom Seating System

The patented Airpulse PK2 (APK2) is a fully-automatic alternating pressure relief cushion. The primary function of the APK2 is to help treat  and prevent pressure sores (pressure ulcers) by providing the ideal healing conditions and performing automatic pressure relief.  Constant pressure is the primary cause of pressure ulcers and the APK2 interrupts constant pressure up to 60 times per hour with a gentle massaging action. This is what distinguishes our cushion from static (non-moving) cushions. Static cushions exert constant pressure and our cushions counteract the constant pressure.

You tell us where the trouble spot(s) or pressure ulcer(s) is located, and we custom build the cushion to off-load that area full-time, while stimulating circulation throughout the rest of the posterior.

We guarantee that our cushions are more effective than any cushion on the market at stimulating tissue while offloading under a sore.  The 5-year study at the Cleveland Clinic is testament to that fact.

Airpulse PK2 – A Fully-Automatic Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion

  • Powered by a high-tech rechargeable battery
  • Airpulse PK2 exterior surface is soft waterproof coated foam
  • Internal air bladders automatically inflate and deflate in two groups changing pressure distribution and stimulating circulation
  • Anti-microbial cover is machine washable
  • Multiple cushion firmness selections
  • Adjustable alternation cycles
  • Bottom-out prevention
  • Battery status indicator light
  • Up to 40 hours continuous run time on a single charge
  • Internal air bladders cannot be punctured
  • APK2 cushion system is programmed and ready to operate when delivered
  • Can be used on manual or power wheelchairs as well as regular chairs
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