Picture of man playing tennis in a wheelchair

Products & Services

Driveability & Automobility

Through our partnership with United Access, we can help you find a vehicle and install equipment that will give you the ultimate personal freedom opportunities and allow you to be an independent driver.  

Some of our customizations include:

  • Conversions
  • Lowered Floor Minivans
  • Raised Roof and Doorways
  • Securement Systems
  • Wheelchairs and Scooters
  • Lifts and Ramps
  • Reduced Effort Steering and Brakes
  • Touch Pads
  • Transfer Seats

Visit the website at www.unitedaccess.com to learn more, or call (888) 706-1010.

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Graphic link to our Lifts, ramps and elevators page with picture of girl in a chair lift
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