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Lifts, Ramps, Elevators & Roll-In Showers

Personal Mobility provides the finest and most trusted lifts, ramps, and elevators to improve your access to any room in your home.  

We have a large selection of both residential and commercial equipment to meet any need and functionality, and our expert installers will ensure that your equipment is safe and operating correctly.  We can also offer rental agreements for short-term use of ramps and lifts.

We work directly with the best manufacturers in the industry
to provide our customers with:

Wheelchair Lifts

Remove the barriers in your home or public building by installing a wheelchair lift. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor solution, we can provide you with a lift that is both attractive and convenient. Wheelchair lifts can be integrated to fit your building style and accessibility needs while ensuring high performance and maximum safety for the user.  The following companies provide quality wheelchair lifts:

Porch & Deck Lifts

Sometimes referred to as vertical platform lifts, the lift systems are specifically designed to lift passengers to porches and decks.  They provide convenient access to any entry of a home that features a deck or porch, or other areas, such as a pool.  These systems are available in various vertical lifting heights and can include interlocking landing gates and platform gates. Some models are even portable for maximum “on-the-go” use.  Personal Mobility is supplies by the following companies for porch and deck lifts:

Stairway Lifts

Personal Mobility carries a full line of stairway lifts to give you the perfect solution to greater accessibility in your home or commercial building.  Available in both indoor and outdoor models and even capable of rounding corners, our stairway lifts feature a variety of option and styles.  They integrate cleanly into any home or business décor with new, innovative designs and technology.  You will expand the accessibility in your home and gain more independence with a stairway lift system from Personal Mobility and the following companies:

Stair Platform Lifts

A platform lift is similar to a stairway lift but has a full platform to handle a wheelchair.  They provide permanent stairway access for a person in a wheelchair and may be an alternative to an elevator.


Adding a residential ramp to your home can be an affordable mobility solution for those with short-term or long term disabilities.  Portable ramps are lightweight yet sturdy, and are designed to fold or store easily so you can take them with you.  Threshold ramps provide a smooth transition in and out of doorways, and pathway ramps are ideal for small inclines and temporary accessibility needs.  Modular ramps can be more permanent structures, offering a quick and convenient solution that can still be easily removed if no longer required.  A ramp system can be designed to fit almost any area by our trusted manufacturer:

Overhead Lifts (track systems)

Patient-lifting needs require durable, proven products with a trustworthy design and maximum safety features. Personal Mobility features only the best barrier free lifting solutions, including standing, ceiling, bathing and showering lifts, sling, and pediatric designs.  We can recommend the most effective system based on the level of disability, the application, and the space requirements.  Our lifts empower caregivers to give the best care while ensuring the health and safety of both themselves and their patients.  We are authorized distributors for the following companies:

Residential Elevators

A safe and efficient way to improve access to all areas of your home, residential elevators are a convenient solution for individuals with special needs.  Today’s designs and construction techniques allow residential elevators to be adapted to fit any style of home while occupying a minimal amount of space.  Personal Mobility has the experience and the expertise to recommend a system that will accommodate your physical needs while also fitting the structure and style of your home.

Personal Mobility is licensed by the State of Illinois as an elevator contractor. We look to the following companies to help for elevator needs:

Power Door Operators

Personal Mobility can provide power door operators for interior and exterior doors.  These operators can be controlled by wireless remote or by press-to-operate remote control stations.  Power door operators can be installed on our residential elevators.  We use Door Motion Technologies to supply our power door operators.

Roll-In Shower

A Roll-In shower is a bathing option where there is no threshold between the shower and the bathroom floor.  Ideal for home bathroom remodels, senior care facilities, and hospitals, the Best Bath shower system offers a low threshold and barrier-free shower surrounds featuring structurally reinforced walls and an attractive gel coat finish.  Manufactured in the USA, all showers are backed by 30 year limited warranty.

Lifts, Ramps, Elevators & Roll-In Showers

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