The advantages of fixed lift systems include higher lift capacity, easy-to-use battery charger, proven longevity, and an easy-to-use and unobtrusive carry bar. A fixed ceiling lift encompasses a powerful motor unit, which resides in the track system, and functions as a permanent transfer and lifting solution.

  • The C-300 is the newest extension of the C-Series design of ceiling lifts and delivers the utmost in innovation, functionality, and affordability. The C-300 is designed for use by a single caregiver and offers a quiet operation during an effortless transfer.
  • Incredibly compact, but powerful, the C-450 and the C-625 look good in any setting, such as facilities, care institutions, and even in the home. With innovative features like a digital display and programmability, a host of standard safety features, and easy maintenance, the C-450 and the C-625 are two of the most advanced ceiling lifts available.
  • The C-800 provides a smooth and effortless transfer, while lifting up to a maximum of 800 lbs. Encompassing a new technique and an improved design, the C-800 ceiling lift is smaller and lighter than its previous compatible model the TA Plus 800lbs. lift.
  • The C-1000 was designed for unique cases where a patient/resident's weight, size, or medical condition requires precise control when transferring or repositioning. With a push of a button, the C-1000 easily lifts up to 1000 lbs., making it the strongest ceiling lift in its class.
C-800 Fixed Ceiling Lift

A bariatric person’s size and immobility-related complications present a unique challenge for caregivers. Each patient’s needs vary considerably dependent on factors such as body size, weight, level of mobility and immediate medical condition. Prism Medical’s C-800 ceiling lift is ...

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C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift

Delivering innovation, reliability, along with superior comfort and safety, the C-450 addresses many of the issues that make patient transfer complex or difficult. The C-450 has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely and easily operated by a single caregiver. Built ...

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C-625 Fixed Ceiling Lift

The Prism Lifts C-625 delivers innovation, affordability and quality. Ceiling lifts dramatically reduce injuries resulting from the handling of patients/residents in both, institutional and homecare settings. The C-625 has been designed with a full set of standard features and can be safely operated...

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C-1000 Fixed Ceiling Lift

Every patient is unique. A patient's needs vary considerably depending on body size, weight, level of mobility and immediate medical condition. Bariatric patients often exceed a lift's safe working load. This creates an unsafe working environment. Luckily, Prism Lifts has the answer: the C-1...

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