At Personal Mobility, our lifts focus is the safe transfer and safe repositioning of immobile, elderly, or rehabilitation patients. We provide a complete line of lifts and transfer aids to mechanically assist caregivers in implementing safe handling techniques and promoting caregiver safety.

We understand that one solution cannot accommodate everyone’s unique situation.  Therefore, to supplement this demand, we manufacture and service a full range of lifts and handling products that are dedicated to providing you or a loved one with independence in the most practical and cost-effective manner possible.

Fixed Ceiling Lifts

The advantages of fixed lift systems include higher lift capacity, easy-to-use battery charger, proven longevity, and an easy-to-use and unobtrusive carry bar. A fixed ceiling lift encompasses a powerful motor unit, which resides in the track system, and functions as a permanent transfer and lifting...

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Free Standing Lift Systems

Free Stand Systems support a more effective transfer system than the traditional mobile lift. Embracing a lightweight and economical design, our free standing lift systems come ready to use and are easily assembled by one person in minutes. Because our free standing lift systems do not require in...

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Portable Ceiling Lifts

Portable ceiling lifts are designed to be easily transported from room-to-room or another lifts track, while offering a great flexibility during operation. Our portable ceiling lifts can be easily connected and disconnected by the caregiver from a variety of different types of ceiling track systems....

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Lifting Modules

Ceiling lifts are often an ideal solution for lifting and moving people from one place to another in all kinds of care environments. With the lifting equipment mounted out of the way on the ceiling, you keep the floor space uncluttered and it’s much easier, quicker and safer to get around. Lif...

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