Easy To Install Interior Platform Scooter Lift by Pride Backpacker

The Pride Backpacker Plus is the ideal solution to transport your scooter or wheelchair inside your Minivan, SUV or Crossover.  This easy to install Pride Scooter lift can lift up to 350 lbs and is easy to operate with push button controls.  Even if you have limited parking space to load and unload your scooter, the Backpacker allows you to load your scooter or wheelchair from either direction with simple drive on - drive off design.

Interior Platform Scooter Lift For Minivans, Full Size Vans and SUV'S

Many manufactures only build an interior platform lift for minivans and only minivas.  Pride Mobility understands people who use scooter or wheelchairs need a simple and reliable design for not just minivan or full size vans.  That is why they also designed the Backpacker Plus work with many 4 wheel drive Crossover vehicles, making the Pride Backpacker Plus the most versatile scooter lift available .

Pride BackPacker Plus Specs

Model Backpacker Interior Lift Plus
Base Weight 155 lbs.*
Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight 350 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Width 27"
Overall Platform Length 44" (43" usable surface)
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground 26"
Motor Sealed 12 volt DC
Warranty 3-year transferable
Options Battery pack w/charger,
Retractable strap kit
Vehicle Platform Minivan, Cross-over,
Full-size van**