Pride Commander Outside Scooter Lift

Are you currently using portable ramps to load your scooter or wheelchair into your truck?  Before you get hurt or you wreck your scooter, consider the weather resistant scooter lift from Pride Mobility for the box of your truck.  With 400 lbs lifting capacity, the Pride Commander will do all the heavy lifting for you and allow for individuals to keep driving pickup trucks and store your scooter inside the box to further protect it.

Scooter Lifts For Trucks, SUV'S, Minivans & Full Size Vans

Offering 70'' of vertical travel makes the Commander Scooter lift the most vertical travel scooter lift available.  Because of the flexible vertical travel, the Pride Commander Scooter lift weights 109 lbs and is capable of lifting scooters four times its weight.  If you need to load your scooter easier, the Pride Commander Scooter Lift is the perfect solution for Minivan, Truck, Full Size & SUV owners looking for scooter lifts.