Pride Zeus Scooter Lift Is Perfect For Your Scooter & Vehicle

The Zeus scooter lift by Pride Mobility is the best looking scooter lift on the market today.  It comes in many different colors to match your scooter or vehicle perfectly.  With it's highly adjustable capability, the Zeus is ideal for your long-term solution scooter lift needs as you can transfer this exact lift to your next vehicle without expensive labor and parts later on.

Two Scooter Lifts Models Available

Choose between the 240 lbs or 400 lbs capacity for larger scooter or wheelchairs.  Both will offer full power operation with simple docking devices for loading and unloading your scooter.  Compatible with many vehicles, the Pride Zeus offers the design, price and capability for everyone needing scooter lifts.

Pride Mobility Zeus Scooter Lift Testing Specs

Your Pride product has undergone thorough product testing to ensure safety, durability and performance. Our power chairs, scooters and lift chairs are Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved medical products that require specific testing prior to release for public use.

The testing requirements accepted by the FDA were developed by the American National Standards Institute/Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (ANSI/RESNA). The tests are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the ANSI/RESNA Test Standards and also include additional stringent testing regiment developed by Pride's Research & Development Team. All products have passed, and in many cases, exceeded test criteria set forth, assuring the high level of quality synonymous with Pride.

Some of the items our testing criteria include are:

  • Product Stability & Brakes Effectiveness Tests
  • Fatigue & Impact Strength Verification Tests
  • Overall Product Performance Verification
  • Dimensional Requirement Compliance
  • Product Durability & Reliability Testing
  • Material Protective Coating Testing Verification
  • Misuse and Abuse Testing
  • Ergonomic Verification
  • Environmental Testing for Adverse Weather Operation Conditions
  • Electronic Systems Performance and Durability
  • Chemical and Bio-Contamination Analysis Testing for Toxicity Verification
  • Cal 117 Flammability Test Compliance for Seating Foam and Fabric Components
  • UL94VO Flammability Testing for Compliance of Plastic Components
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)